Why choose Host Capital Advisory?

  • Full control
    You remain in control. We work with you and report to you. We are an extension to your business - not a replacement.
  • Regulatory confidence
    With Host Capital Advisory Services being a regulated firm, it imposes a far higher level of professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Your Brand Values are our Values
    We recognise that brand protection is everything for our clients. Your brand is a precious commodity to us.
  • Full Service
    We have a full service capability - any part or all of which is available to fit our clients' needs.
  • Informative reporting
    Our client reporting is unsurpassed. Detailed, concise, punctual and informative. Management information forms the bedrock of our client reporting.
  • Proven track record
    Our team are highly experienced and have a proven ability to deliver.
  • Strong relationships
    We only wish to work with clients long term. Our clients recognise that it takes time to deliver a consistent message and build trust.
  • Highly cost effective
    Our fees are transparent, competitive and highly cost effective when compared to in-sourcing.